5 essenciais para o Regresso às Aulas

5 Back to School Essentials


I know we're still in the summer and the last thing you want to hear about is the start of the school year, but inevitably it's going to happen, so it's best to be prepared.

We went to research some products and made a small selection of the 5 essentials for the back to school.

One of the most important items, the backpack, besides good design and quality, has to be practical.
The backpack we have here has room for your laptop and lots of compartments to organize all your materials. Plus it is also quite comfortable.
We know it's not something to buy every year, but if it's time to change yours, our suggestion might be ideal.

To take it anywhere and ensure hydration, especially in the first few months of classes where the heat is still felt. Plus you're helping the environment by using a reusable bottle.

Any student needs to take notes and stay organized. The Infinitebook Makers is a reusable notebook that recreates the writing experience of whiteboards. It has several sheets with To-Do lists to organize your days and has 15 reusable white sheets to take notes.
If you want to save the information, use a scan app to have your notebook on the cloud. After that you just have to erase and you still have a new notebook ready to be reused.

There is nothing worse than getting in the middle of the day with no battery in the phone. A power bank is the ideal solution for not worrying about battery life and get the most out of your smartphone. Nowadays there are huge ones that have a lot of capacity and do not take up much space in the backpack. Definitely a must have.

Sometimes you need to forget about everything that goes on around you to be 100% focused. Headphones are essential for any student. Whether it's to decompress while listening to music, to increase concentration to study or to listen to podcasts.
Extra: Coffee machine to withstand the long nights of studies.

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