Querida Frida

​Dear Frida


Dear Frida,

It has been 114 years since you came into this world (111 if we were to count based on the date you say you were born in) and even though we are from completely different generations, you had the gift and the brilliance of being, you too, infinite!

You revolutionized several generations. I wasn't always able to understand why. What made you an unquestionably brilliant painter, an icon adored by my contemporaries? When we decided that we were going to make, once again, a notebook in your honor, I dedicated myself to getting to know you, I wanted to understand what was so special about you that it had immortalized you. Few artists manage to do this, even fewer painters, and in this niche, there are few women.

I then found out that you were the first Mexican woman to have an exhibition at the Louvre, that in your controversial life you kept your opinions strong, and, between the lines of your story, I understood that you shouldn't be an "easy" woman - I say this with fascination, not disdain!

You had a challenging life and like the best artists (in which you are unanimously included) you decided to tell your life through your art - macabre, metaphorical and realistic at the same time, melancholic, and with a hint of black humor (which I don't know if you had, but fortunately or not, as an artist, you have to understand that each one will take from your art what they find in it).

We designed a notebook with you and for you. Because so many times we've been asked to renew the Genius cover where you were a star. But we wanted this time to be different. It's a notebook for the public, but by the real Frida. You didn't draw pop art, so we didn't draw you in pop art. We decided to design you with time and peace of mind because we believe that none of your masterpieces were made overnight (I could be wrong). And we decided to draw you together with everything you've always believed in - Mexico, death, extravagance, feminism, and yourself, always!

You changed your birthdate to be a child of the revolution, and we changed our notebook so that it was a child of Frida.

Thank you for everything you've done for the world.

Always yours and infinite,


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