Como surgiu a edição especial Makers

How we came up with the Makers Edition


For some time we wanted to develop a product that was destined for "People who get things done". This was a product that had to reflect the spirit we have inside the Infinitebook. We do things, we develop products, concepts, ideas, but more importantly, we're not afraid to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

The first step was to think about the needs of who would use the Makers.
- Those who do many things, need to organize themselves, to have a list of where to put the tasks you have to perform, divided by urgency;
- You also need to get in touch with several people during the day;


With these two premises, we created the To-Do list divided into three sections. Urgent, To Do and Get in Touch With. We have chosen to add 3 pages to these sections. A professional, a personal and the last for some hobby or a separate project.
Then we thought about what kind of projects the Makers would target. From building wireframes to drafting hardware parts. So we chose to introduce something that is not yet seen in Portugal, dotted sheets (we only added 3 pages with this background to see the interest).


To complete the inside of the Infinitebook, we have added the black marks next to the rings to make it easier to recognize the sheet when using a scan app. We realized that anyone who would use the Makers would be interested in storing some of the sheets digitally.




Finally, the message we wanted to pass. The idea was to create a sober cover that was inspiring. The phrases "Let's get it done" and "The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do" defies in a way those who use the Makers. Challenging them to be better. And that is our goal. To provide a tool that challenges change and growth.

You can learn more about the Makers  here.

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