O Caderno Reutilizável de Caligrafia 🤩

The Reusable Calligraphy Notebook

25/junho/2021 1 Comment

It's been a year since we decided to venture into the kid's world in a partnership with Heroís sem Capa. This year, with the help of Mafalda, the creator of the Heroes, we decided to go into education, which has always been a goal of ours 🎉

Today we want to introduce you to Nito - the character who grew up in the child who lives inside each one of us here in the office. Pedro gave him a physical structure that Gaspar later designed and, as a joke, I called him Nito (from the infiNito [infinite] notebook).

I had never given life to an inanimate object (I think that all objects are inanimate, but you understand 😆), but for me Nito is Infinitebook which, in turn, is the best version of all of us 💙
It's the first time that it comes to life in your eyes, this time to teach letters, numbers and help to translate all the endless creativity that kids have (the little Catarina of the past is my inspiration of profession - she would love Nito).

Please note that the Infinitebook Calligraphy comes with some small text in Portuguese, if you want to see it in other languages reach out to us, maybe in the future we'll be able to produce it 🙏
This is how I present you the Infinitebook Calligraphy - a notebook inspired by the love we have for handwriting, for learning and for the freedom we have by writing on a whiteboard like notebook 🤯

For all that the younger teach us, we decided to give back in the way we know best, by creating! We work every day to never kill the child inside of us, they deserve everything ☀️ And they would have loved Nito ⚡️

Stay awesome,

Catarina 💙

Customer Happiness Specialist & Friend

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Buenas tardes, seria maravilloso tener los cuadernos de escritura en japones con hiragana, katakana y con kanjis ya que son difícilesles de escribir y se equivoca frecuentemente. Ojala algún dia lo tengan, gracias.

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