O que significam os meus rabiscos no caderno?

What do my doodles mean?


I love getting stuck in my head with assumptions that most people don't care about: I think a lot about the science of traffic, about whether or not I can justify unjustifiable things, and then I also think about why I do so many scribbles in my Infinitebook while I think about all this stuff . I look around and realize I'm not the only one.

In an office where Infinitebooks are hovering in all directions, we have an unimaginable array of scribbles! So I decided to ask my friend Google if it was just us or if the world had the same question!

I'm always happy to discover that there are studies in the area, that those scribbles are more than I imagine and that I'm not the only one, nor the first!

In my first research - Harvard (I immediately think that maybe I'm gifted, but not😂). In a short article that you can read here, I found that 1) several presidents of the States (U.S.A) scribbled; 2) there is a small study linking doodles to the possibility of increased memory retention and 3) doodles can be a way for our brain to focus - when we want to stay focused, but our subconscious is busy with other small monsters, we tend unconsciously to draw and scribble and that's our subconscious responding to his monsters, even without realizing it (that's what my brain managed to retain from the article, but if you have more info, leave it in the comments because I'm finding this very interesting !). In other words, it can trigger solutions to past mental puzzles that enhance our focus because we solve something we didn't even know we were thinking about.

All this seems incredible to me but, at the same time, very sketchy (I only believe in São Tomé - only seen). But the truth is: I do a lot of doodling, and it was never a distraction, but more of an attempt to keep myself in focus. I was warned several times at school because of this habit of “looking at the notebook while the teacher is talking” (I'm not a girl to take notes, and my habit of drawing squares, flowers, gardens and hearts in the corners was well-known of notebooks). Sometimes out of tyranny they forced me to say to them what they had just said, and out of rebellion I even repeated the sounds and questions of my colleagues asked in the meantime!

From then on I found myself in a study on "fidgeting", the only thing I could remember were those annoying toys that my brother loved and that ran in his hand, at the time my mother informed me that these "toys" served a greater purpose - helping many patients with autism or attention deficit, anxiety and more.

That's exactly what I feel when I'm in my doodles (at this point a vast research on autism that has no relevance to this blog, so typical). But this study proved that fidgeting was able to increase attention, focus and memory retention.

Now make no mistake, as I obviously also fell into the rabbit hole of “what do my doodles mean” and “is my subconscious trying to talk to me” (I didn't find anything linking the doodles with my sign, but I promise I looked 😂).

It was a short but reassuring finding. For this, Infinitebooks are amazing, I can write and rewrite and feel that I'm not wasting trees. So, in this stationary world, where I “live” in a school and office supply center, I'll start looking at my drawings with a differently - it's not wasted time, it's just my brain working!

Now it's time to clean up Infinitebook with the doodles that brought me here!

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