About Us

An opportunity created from a problem

It's always a similar story, isn't it?

There is always something, an obstacle that comes in and, when we are intrepid, we go out looking for an answer. We write, erase, crumple, risk, throw out and, eventually, we re-write until you find the key. That’s how Infinitebook emerge.

In the beginning of 2014, Pedro (founder and CEO) came across 3 major problems:

The pencil does not slide well on paper, it creates certain friction;

The pen creates a level of commitment that is not ideal when studying;

The first solution is to buy a whiteboard for your room, but it forces you to study standing up, and you can’t take your notes to school.

How to solve this problem then? For Pedro, it was obvious:

"Why not turn a whiteboard portable? I start testing possibilities and in a few days I came up with a functional prototype that I could show to a friend. From that day on, I was looking for a factory to enhance my dream.

And that's how I created the first version, the A4 size of Infinitebook."

However, due to the high demand of the market, with constant requests from companies aware to the potential saving that can be archived, when Infinitebook was coming in the market, we were launching Its A5 version, with different cover colours and new design innovations thinking on the environment protection.

Immediately, we started thinking about other important areas as management, engineering among other, but even the house environment in mind, we’ve created the agenda, we’ve costumed to specific demands as a notebook for coaches and more.

Making our Infinitebooks an opportunity and solutions enabler! Because Infinitebook is a notebook for everyone who uses a notebook.
And aims for solutions!